Soaring drawings

Back in 70ies, we shared office with our friend architect D.Politopoulos. He has never been on a sailplane, but he has heard so much about them, that he was in the spirit to create following three drawings.
The three drawings were first printed in the Greek "Sport Aviation" magazine, with an article about the chances of turning an airplane pilot into a glider pilot.

A sailplane pilot treats his aircraft with tender care.

This pilot is unfit for soaring.

Looking for glider pilots.
(The character is Diogenes, a ancient Greek philosopher).

The Politopoulos drawings were in big format, printed in poster size.
The drawings that follow are small casual comic drawings, printed mainly in the "Air sports" newsletter.
We start from some of C.Pikros drawings.

Soaring must give pleasure to all people involved.

"He forgot to lower the landing gear again"

"His spot landing needs some reworking"

All the drawings that follow are from the long contribution of Makis Constantinidis (Edessa aeroclub) to our newsletter.
Jokes are difficult to translate for different cultures around the earth. We hope that soaring is an international culture.

"With this model we solved the problem of heavy landings"

".. and this new model is our answer to tail-wind landings"

"And now who is gonna launch us, a polar bear? "

"Do not try telling me again, that he keeps a safe distance from the ridge"

"We have a serious problem. Where do we submit the papers for our record? To our National Aeroclub, or to NASA? "

"This is the newly acquired thermal generator"

"With whom have you been flying with lately? "

"It is quite obvious that you started your loopings again"

"I propose that we drop the whole subject"